Assam Floods: Regaining Hope & Faith

Assam Floods: Regaining Hope & Faith

My experience with Smile Foundation has always been very intimate and enlightening. Working with the team has not only given me a new perspective on life, but also encouraged me to appreciate small moments and every effort that is made by individuals. My recent project with Smile was for their Assam flood relief initiative.


We covered Mori Gaon, which is one of the worst affected regions due to the floods in Assam. Today, this village is facing one of its most unfortunate times because people there are struggling every moment. The experience was quite intimidating because the situation there is horrific. But looking at the faces of the survivors, I learned to keep hope and faith. While the entire region was affected by the flood, the rural people there are very keenly waiting for the situation to settle. There was a yearning and a trust that we might have lost in such a situation.


A family travels away from their damaged home to safety in Morigaon


One thing I noticed and admired is how people living in the villages are more prepared and advanced as compared to us, who have always led a comfortable life in cities. Floods in rural Assam have become quite frequent and people are mentally and physically prepared for the situation. In Mori Gaon, every household had a boat and other items of necessity, and people affected by the urban flood were not at all prepared because they had never faced such a catastrophe. Their acceptance of the situation is self-motivating. I salute their bravery, their patience and motivation that have helped them to keep on going.


Despite all of that, we cannot deny the fact that this flood has drastically changed lives there. Families are separated; they don’t have food, hygiene or any moral support. Their homes, crops and cattle are all destroyed, and now only a ray of hope is there for survival. This made the Assam flood relief operations very difficult for us because the entire region is drowned in water. No mode to communicate and commute. The flood was so massive that no one could say that there was a lush green village residing there because all that remained was the water.

Smile’s disaster response team distributing relief material to affected families in Assam
Smile’s disaster response team distributing relief material to affected families in Assam

I wholeheartedly pray that Assam soon recovers from this heart-wrenching situation. I urge everyone who can to donate for Assam flood relief, and support the beautiful, resilient people of Assam. You can contribute here:

I will always look forward to working with Smile Foundation. One thing I want to say is I might have worked as a photographer, but I emerged as a person who is more appreciative of life.

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