Why Donate for Assam Flood Relief?

Why Donate for Assam Flood Relief?

Assam, along with Meghalya, is one of the North Eastern states that receive the highest rainfalls during the monsoon season across the country. Over the last decade, floods and landslides caused by the excessive rainfall have been continuously ravaging the state. This has taken a heavy toll on lives, livelihoods, infrastructure, wildlife and drained a lot of the state’s major resources. In 2022 however, the havoc started earlier when flash floods were brought on by pre-monsoon showers. It has been close to two months now, and people in Assam are still struggling to survive the onslaught. If you have not already donated for Assam Flood Relief, here is why you should do it right away.


The Current Situation in Assam


The floods and landslides have affected over 47 lakh people across 4,462 villages in 30 districts of Assam. Nearly 23 lakh people have been forced to leave their homes, and 179 have been reported dead. Railways, roads, and bridges are damaged due to landslides. Entire villages are submerged. Some villages are completely cut-off from the mainland, making Assam flood relief operations extremely difficult.


Like in every disaster, vulnerable groups including women, children and elders are the worst affected. Battling the situation since May, most families have witnessed their homes and belongings being washed away. They have run out of ration and their savings, and are now on the brink of desperation. While relief is being provided by government and non-governmental organizations, the scale of devastation is huge. Hundreds of families are still waiting for help.

Flood affected families in Assam line up to receive dry ration kits at Smile Foundation’s relief camp

What Are We Doing?


Smile Foundation’s disaster response team has been on the ground since May, assessing the need and distributing relief material in the worst affected parts of Assam. The team is working round the clock with a dedicated group of local volunteers, taking timely help to people who need it the most. We are distributing food in the form of dry ration, hygiene and sanitation kits, medicines and other essential items.


  • Dry Ration Kits: Rice, Dal, Salt, Oil, Sugar, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Dalia Flour, Biscuits
  • Hygiene Kits: Sanitary Napkins, Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Masks & other essentials


How Can You Help?


The people of Assam need the entire country to come together and stand with them in this time of crisis. Assam Flood Relief operations cannot be a success without your support. Children and families in Assam need us to act and act now! If you donate for Assam Flood Relief through Smile Foundation, we will ensure that every penny is utilized in meeting the most urgent needs of the flood affected children and families. To donate for Assam Flood Relief and join our efforts, please visit https://donate.smilefoundationindia.org/assam-flood-relief

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